I enjoy demonstrating my mediumship with the opportunity it brings to reunite people in spirit with their family and friends.

I also have a subtle gift for demonstrating Flower Clairsentience and have my own spiritual way of working with flowers. In its' true form, Flower Clairsentience is a specialised area of evidential mediumship which demonstrates the close awareness of the spirit world.

Public Demonstration of Mediumship is for evidential communication from the spirit world and should be a joyful occasion. It will demonstrate that although the body has died, the spirit lives on and continues to take an interest in the lives of loved ones still upon earth.

Public Demonstrations of Flower Clairsentience: I have always had a strong affinity with Nature. I love the beauty and perfume of flowers and have studied aromatherapy and herbalism. I am also a keen gardener. When I am giving this type of demonstration I prefer, if possible, to use fresh flowers from my own garden. The person in spirit selects the flower, gives me verifiable information about themself and takes me to the correct person in the audience.

I find this a delightful way to work with the spirit world. My demonstrations of Flower Clairsentience are always very popular and I have found that they tend to have a strong healing quality to them.